What is a petition?

Petitions are a formal way for any citizen (or group of citizens) to request that Parliament take action in relation to any matter. Petitioners might ask for a law to be changed, or for an administrative decision to be reviewed.

A petition can only be tabled in Legislative Council by a Member of that Chamber (i.e. Tim!) Once the petition is tabled, it is referred to the Environment and Public Affairs Committee for consideration. The Committee will seek advice from relevant parties and may even decide to conduct an investigation or hold hearings. The Committee will prepare a report, which will be provided to the principal petitioner.

Preparing a petition

Petitions to the Legislative Council must follow a specific form. A petition must:

  • be addressed to the President and Members of the Council;
  • state the action or remedy sought from the Council, which must be repeated at the top of every page of the petition;
  • be legible and unamended whether by insertion or deletion or inter-lineation;
  • be expressed in reasonable language;
  • be in the English language, or be accompanied by a certified English translation;
  • contain the principal petitioner’s signature, and the total number of signatures collected, on the sheet on which the petition is inscribed;
  • contain the name, address, and original signature or mark of the petitioners; and
  • be signed by the person or persons making the petition.

You can find instructions and a template petition on the Parliament’s website.

If you require assistance with preparing a petition, or if you would like Tim to table a petition in the Legislative Council, please contact our office.

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