Originally a chain of wetlands, banksia woodlands and coastal heath, Perth is home to rich biodiversity found nowhere else in the world.

As Perth’s population expands, our city is experiencing rapid and uncoordinated growth that is causing dramatic loss of significant natural habitats including closed-canopy forests, bushland, woodlands, wetlands, grasslands and coastal zones.

The Greens (WA) have a vision for Perth to become a city within a protected network of urban bushlands, wetlands and parks that everyone can access and enjoy.

Finish the process of Bush Forever

The implementation of Bush Forever is incomplete. Seemingly ‘Bush Forever’ is anything but, leaving the status of Bush Forever as an undermined conservation system.

Without statutory protection, the Beeliar Wetlands – a Bush Forever site – was threatened by plans to build Roe 8. Luckily, thanks to a massive community effort, Roe 8 was scrapped and the Government has committed to converting the Beeliar Wetlands to A-class reserve.

While this is a great outcome, we shouldn’t need to rely solely on the hard work and dedication of community members to protect our precious places. The State Government must act now and give statutory protection to Bush Forever sites and strengthen ‘Parks and Recreation’ zoning.

Rebuild the Links

Linkages allow for seasonal movement of fauna and flora and provide refuge for wildlife after fire and extreme weather events. Previous State Governments have failed to put legal frameworks into WA’s environmental and planning legislation that recognise the significance of ecological linkages. We will continue to fight for their implementation.

Green Our City and Reconnect Our Urban Forest

The Greens (WA) have a plan to keep our city cool and beautiful with a protected network of Urban Forests, linked together with green corridors, tree-lined streets, parks and backyard gardens. With smart planning we can all live within a 5-minute walk to our local park or greenway, stay cool in summer, and protect Perth’s precious natural places.

This plan is founded on, and built in collaboration with, Nyoongar Elders, ensuring our city’s culture and environment are protected together.

Check our our Urban Forest Plan for Perth here. 

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