We believe everyone should have access to appropriate, safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing.

The Greens (WA) believe that:

  • housing is a basic human right
  • everyone should have access to appropriate, safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing
  • housing should be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable
  • public participation in the development and ongoing review of the state affordable housing strategy is a right

For many Western Australians, social housing offers vital security and helps to create stability and a quality of life for those in our community who have limited options.

Under the McGowan Government we have seen sharp rises in the everyday cost of living and this is having a tangible effect on single parent families as well as older single men and women. These rises look set to continue, yet the Government is not providing any relief to low income earners. This in turn makes paying rent more and more difficult.

We know that in WA there are nearly 14,000 people waiting to be housed in social housing and around 1,300 have an urgent need for housing.

The WA Department of Communities published a report showing that there are 61,000 very low, low and moderate income households who need access to an affordable home. We believe the government needs to increase investment in public and social housing.

The Minister for Housing has committed to 500 new social houses by 2020 but this needs to be doubled to meet the need of our community. We want to see a net increase in the number of social houses made available to people on low incomes.

Metronet should provide benefits to all. We want to see an increase in the number of social houses built around the new Metronet sites and we want the McGowan Government to commit to clear and fair targets. The McGowan Government has said it will build just 320 houses over four years as part of the Metronet project, when we know there are 14,000 households waiting for public housing – this is just not good enough.

All new buildings constructed by the Government, whether for social housing purposes or affordable housing should be required to install solar energy. The Government has a responsibility to lead the way in sustainability. Solar for social housing will provide energy poverty relief and will ensure the Government is playing its part in addressing climate change.

The State Government has an opportunity to provide leadership in the building industry and we believe that all new developments should include both affordable and social housing.  We believe that 30 per cent of all new developments should be affordable housing including one third social housing.

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