The videogames industry is the fastest-growing entertaining industry in the world. In Australia alone, this industry generated over $3 billion in retail revenue and is continuing to grow.

The massive success of mobile gaming, and the emerging technology of VR are rich opportunities for the industry. Tim and the Greens (WA) want to ensure that Western Australia is at the heart of this growth.

It’s time government recognised the value of the Western Australian videogames industry and gave it the same level of support as other creative industries enjoy. The videogames industry employs people from across the creative and technological sectors, including producers, designers, actors and marketers. The industry in WA has massive potential, but currently our productions tend to be small scale and mobile, constrained by policy uncertainty and neglect.

There are opportunities for the State Government to support local industry through grants, low-interest loans and tax offsets. Without this support, WA risks losing its talent to better-funded scenes in the eastern states or overseas.

What can you do?

Sign our petition below to show that you support the WA videogames industry.

You can also contact your local state MP or the relevant Minister to let them know that you want better funding and support for the videogames industry in WA.

You can find the details of the elected representatives in your area here.

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