Transport contributes 18% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and this number is projected to grow.

Despite this, electric vehicles (EVs) make up just 0.08% of new vehicles sold in Australia. WA is the worst performing state, with just 3 EVs sold for every 10,000 cars.

A growing number of countries including the UK, France, Denmark and Japan have introduced targets for transitioning to electric vehicles, and some car manufacturers have committed to phasing out the production of petrol cars completely.

Instead of leading the EV revolution, the State Government in WA is doing almost nothing to support the uptake of EVs. We know that EVs are cheaper and cleaner to run, with 60% lower operating and maintenance costs than fossil fuel operated cars. So why aren’t we doing more?

The Government should be leading the way by transitioning its own fleet of vehicles to EVs. Not only would this reduce operating and maintenance costs, but it would also provide an influx of affordable EVs when the fleet vehicles are retired and sold into the second-hand market.

WA needs policy certainty to encourage EV manufacturers to enter the market. The Greens (WA) have a plan to accelerate the uptake of EVs by:

  • setting a State-wide target that 25% of new car sales be EVs by 2025;
  • transitioning 20% of all government vehicles to EVs by 2020;
  • making stamp duty and registration free for new EVs for the first 5 years;
  • requiring all new buses purchased after 2025 to be fully electric; and
  • rolling out a network of fast charging stations across the State.

By transitioning to electric vehicles, we can create a bright and clean future.

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