The Greens (WA) are committed to taking immediate, strong and sustained action on climate change by reducing WA’s emissions of greenhouse gases and putting in place strategies to help us adapt to damaging and irreversible changes in the climate.

The climate crisis is putting everything that we care about at risk. Our communities are already feeling the devastating impact of the climate crisis. This summer, people lost their lives, homes and loved ones to devastating fires. Smoke made it difficult to breathe and unsafe for people to go outside, so much of our precious bush has been burnt and so many of our native species have been harmed. 

Meanwhile, the State Government is refusing to take urgent action and is turning its back on the overwhelming majority of Western Australians as we demand action on the climate crisis before it gets even worse.

We need the State Government to take the following urgent action to address the climate crisis, to restore our precious places and ensure that our communities have the support they need.

  • clean up politics and get corporate donations out of the way of climate action;
  • urgently transition away from coal, oil and gas and move to a 100% renewable energy economy by 2030;
  • end gas exports and stop the Burrup Hub expansion;
  • create a just transition plan to retrain, upskill and invest in workers and local communities so no one is left behind; and
  • deliver a Green New Deal that drives the investment and solutions we need to build a clean economy and a caring society.

Only The Greens have a plan and the political will to take action on the climate crisis that our community is demanding. We are bringing people together around a united vision for the future – unlike the major parties we are listening to the needs of all Western Australians.

Together we can get rid of corporate influence and restore power to the people so that we can take action on climate change and create a future for all of us.

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