Rent relief for WA’s most vulnerable!

It’s so important that we all stay home right now. But what if you’re at risk of losing your home or you don’t even have a home in the first place?

Before Covid-19 1/3 of Australian renters were already considered low income earners, meaning more than 30% of their income went towards rent. This was already unsustainable, but now, as millions across the country lose their jobs, this could reach crisis level. Unless the Government steps in.

Thanks to those who signed our petition and put pressure on the State Government, the WA Parliament has passed a moratorium on evictions and a freeze on rent increases in WA for 6 months. This will go a long way in helping keep a roof over people’s heads during Covid-19.

Although a great first step, an eviction moratorium doesn’t help those who can”t afford rent anymore due to job loss. Many West Australians will be faced with massive debts after the eviction moratorium or be forced to break their lease.

The hardship caused by job loss, especially when most of your income was going towards putting a roof over your head will be felt by millions for much longer than 6 months, unless we offer some form of rent relief.

Keeping people in their homes is the best defence we have against covid-19 – and right now more than ever we need to ensure everyone in our society has access to a safe, secure and affordable place to live.

But we need your help to hammer the point home. Please add your voice, sign our petition calling for rent relief now!

757 emails of 1999 Goal

Immediate rent relief!

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