We all want to live on a safe and healthy planet.

But scientists are telling us we need to get to zero emissions as fast as possible or we will face catastrophic consequences of irreversible global heating. 

With a rapidly heating planet and rapidly shrinking carbon budget, every single tonne of greenhouse gas we deliberately release into the atmosphere matters. 

The mining, burning and exporting of coal, oil and gas are the biggest causes of the climate crisis. A handful of corporations are making mega-profits from damaging our climate and exploiting our environment. This is no more obvious than Chevron’s Gorgon LNG plant.

The gas plant is one of Australia’s dirtiest projects and was approved with the requirement to offset its carbon emissions. Chevronthe Australian Government, and the WA Labor Government have spent billions setting up the third-largest carbon capture system in the world to meet this requirement.

Massive delays and technical issues have resulted in an estimated 7 million tonnes of additional pollution being released directly into our atmosphere. There is no way Chevron can possibly meet the conditions of its environmental approval, yet the company has faced zero repercussions from the WA Labor Government. 

Chevron has donated $900,000 since 1999 to both the Labor and Liberal parties – donations that have bought the company an easy ride, and now our planet is paying the price.

Gorgon is a billion-dollar disaster. It’s blowing our country’s carbon budget, undoing any gains made with renewable uptake and making it harder to mitigate the worst effects of the climate crisis.

Sign our petition and join us in calling on the State Government to force Chevron to close Gorgon down until they can demonstrate their carbon capture and storage system works!

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