Tim Clifford is the Greens MLC for the East Metro region in WA.

Tim grew up in Albany in the Great Southern region of Western Australia and has lived in Perth for 15 years. Coming from a single parent household where money was always tight, he saw the absolute importance of a strong social safety net, good public education and an accessible health care system that ensures help is available for anyone who needs it.

Tim’s mother juggled work with the huge responsibility of raising four children – without a safety net, they would have fallen into poverty and missed out on the opportunities for education, careers and engagement in the community. This is a reality faced by too many children and families in Australia today.

Western Australia is a wonderful place to call home, but like anywhere, it is faced with its own set of challenges. Tim spent six years working on a series of fly-in, fly-out rosters, and is now seeing the after effects of the mining boom on workers and the economy. He has contended with WA’s rental market and the struggle to move into home ownership amidst a housing shortage and inflated prices.

Since returning to Perth, Tim was employed as a dedicated public servant for five years and completed a degree in international relations and journalism. He is proud to be a member of the Greens and to represent the people living in the East Metropolitan region, as a member of the only party with progressive, mainstream values.

I choose this alternative and it is a choice I will make every single moment I have in this job. I will never apologise for my idealism nor will I let it be shouted down. The job of a politician is to be idealistic and to turn those ideas into reality. This is a job that I begin today with pride, purpose and humility.

Tim is committed to standing up for those who are most vulnerable in his community, and to build a future in which everybody has access to education, healthcare and housing.

Tim’s portfolios:

Climate Change
East Metropolitan Region
Emergency Services
Road Safety

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