24 Feb 2021 Climate Change, Media Releases

The thousands of jobs cut by the gas industry during the COVID-19 pandemic is further proof that The Liberals and Labor’s push for a gas-led recovery is completely irresponsible.

“The gas industry has made it abundantly clear that neither workers nor the environment matters when it comes to profit,” said The Greens spokesperson for Climate Change and Member for The East Metropolitan Region Tim Clifford.

“It is completely irresponsible for Labor and The Liberals to push for a gas-led recovery when these companies refuse to support their workers long term. During a major economic downturn, the gas industry cut 10.5 per cent of their workforce nationally, with up to two-thirds of that right here in WA.

“Additionally, these job cuts have come at a time when the embattled gas giant Chevron is still unable to rectify the significant defects to its Gorgon gas project which is causing millions of tonnes of additional carbon dioxide to be emitted.

“Losing your job during a global pandemic and a recession is not a fate I would wish upon anyone, having experienced job loss during the global financial crisis myself, and I truly hope those who did lose their jobs are recovering. But we must have an honest conversation about the future employment of these emission-intensive industries.

“If Labor and The Liberals truly cared for long-term, secure jobs then they would stop spending billions of dollars each year propping up their corporate donors and instead invest in the industries of the future. It is unbelievably reckless to do so amid the climate crisis, discussion of an international carbon price, and the transition of international markets to clean energy. We must start investing in the jobs of the future to ensure employment for Western Australians as the world transitions away from gas.

“Western Australia has enormous opportunities in future industries. Our abundance of wind and solar energy means we can create low to zero-carbon products — such green steel and hydrogen — that will be highly competitive on the world stage and will create thousands of sustainable jobs in the process. But without the major parties actively supporting this, WA risks being left behind.

“The Greens have a plan to create more than 139, 000 jobs by guaranteeing investment in the jobs of the future and legislating credible renewable energy and climate reduction targets. And we will continue to push the major parties towards a better future.”

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