18 Feb 2021 Climate Change, Media Releases

WA Labor’s claim of creating a cleaner, greener jobs future for WA is a farce, says The Greens spokesperson for Climate Change Tim Clifford MLC.

In response to growing pressure from The Greens, community and even other political parties, WA Labor has released a handful of feeble commitments in an attempt to greenwash their inaction on climate change and a zero-carbon future.

“It’s disingenuous for WA Labor to claim it supports a renewable future yet the WA Labor Government  refuses to set the policy direction required to encourage true innovation in this space. Without legislating emission reduction or renewable energy targets, how will WA Labor ensure these piecemeal commitments will burgeon new industries?” Mr Clifford said.

“WA Labor’s attempts to claim standalone power systems and edge of grid work — which is part of the WA Labor Government’s mandate already — as investment in green industries is false and misleading.

“Though The Greens welcome any investment in industries that reduce WA’s reliance on fossil fuels, WA Labor must commit to a target of net-zero emissions by 2035 to effectively encourage long-term investment in these industries.

“If WA Labor is serious about supporting a renewable future in WA, it must commit to legislating 100% renewable energy by 2030, and it must begin phasing out coal and gas.

“The Greens have committed to a $2.5 billion Sustainable Industry Fund and a $500 million State Renewable Investment Fund to support innovations in renewable energy technologies, and will ensure WA has a competitive advantage on local clean, green manufacturing opportunities.

“If WA Labor is serious about a clean, green jobs future in WA, I urge them to match this.”