9 Feb 2021 Media Releases, Social Housing

Western Australia’s budget surplus must be used to fund social and affordable housing said The Greens (WA) spokesperson for housing Tim Clifford.

“How is it that WA has $3 billion surplus in government coffers yet almost 25,000 Western Australians are waiting 2 years for access to social housing?” said Mr Clifford.

“How can a state as rich as Western Australia allow more than 9,000 people to experience homelessness on any given night?

“And how can the McGowan Government only commit to 2,600 social housing homes over the next ten years? This barely covers the 1,186 social housing homes sold or demolished by the McGowan Government in the past 3 years.

“Prior to the pandemic, there was an affordable housing shortfall of almost 60,000 homes. Now, with less than 1% of private rentals available, and less than 2% of those are affordable to someone on minimum wage, renters are facing further price hikes of 20%.

“If the global pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that governments have always had the means to fund the things we need, they’ve just chosen not to.

“The McGowan Government must use this surplus to maintain a strong social safety net; they must commit to building, at a minimum, 15,000 low-carbon homes over the next 3 years. And they must mandate 20% affordable housing and 10% social housing in all new developments.

“Everyone deserves a decent and stable place to live, and the state government has a responsibility to provide high quality housing for those who need it.”

The Greens (WA) have committed to building 15, 000 low-carbon homes complete with a 7.5-star (NatHers) energy rating and rooftop solar, ahead of the 2021 State Election.

The Greens will also mandate  20% affordable housing and 10% social housing in all new developments; implement a genuine co-design approach to design and build culturally appropriate social housing for First Nations People; require liveable housing design principles to be implemented in all new homes; retrofit all social housing dwellings to the national energy efficiency standard, and; encourage a state-wide retrofit of all housing.

See here for Greens (WA) A Home For All Policy.

Media contact: Talitha Wolfe, 0432 283 988