6 Dec 2019 Climate Change, Media Releases

“Though I am yet to see the revised guidelines, today’s article is highly concerning,” Mr Clifford said.

“The EPA greenhouse gas guidelines were originally published to ensure WA’s environment is adequately protected, and to reflect contemporary science.

“If the EPA does align its revised guidelines with the McGowan Government’s shameful and ineffective aspirational greenhouse gas policy, major projects like the Burrup and Browse LNG development – which is set to emit almost 4x the pollution of the Adani coalmine – will be enabled to continue to fuel the climate crisis.

“The EPA must comply with its statutory obligation to protect the environment. This means ensuring big polluters actively avoid, reduce and offset their impact on the planet – not continue business-as-usual.

“Given the public’s overwhelming support for stronger greenhouse gas guidelines for major polluters, I am highly concerned that the McGowan Government has used undue influence to weaken these guidelines.

“If the revised guidelines do remove the requirement for major polluters to offset their emissions, not only will WA continue to fuel the climate crisis but our State will miss out on the thousands of clean careers that could be created by establishing WA-based offsets.

“I strongly urge the EPA to reconsider removing this essential aspect of its future greenhouse gas guidelines.”