28 Nov 2019 Climate Change, Media Releases

The McGowan Government’s refusal to legislate its net zero emissions aspiration is proof it’s policy is just greenwashing says The Greens spokesperson for climate, Tim Clifford MLC.

Last week 54 WA scientists, professors, doctors and academics signed a letter calling for the McGowan Government to establish a binding target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Western Australia by 2050 and to implement shorter-term ‘carbon budgets’ for the State, essentially a Zero Carbon Act.

Earlier today Mr Clifford moved a motion which asked the WA Parliament to acknowledge the letter and to call on the McGowan Government to legislate it’s net zero emissions policy — Labor, The Nationals, The Liberals and the crossbench all refused.

“The McGowan Government continues to demonstrate that it’s net-zero emissions aspiration is just that, an aspiration,” Mr Clifford said.

“The McGowan Government refused to even acknowledge the letter or the rationale behind the scientists’ demands. Instead, the debate digressed  to a tit-for-tat about who is responsible for this inertia on climate change policy.

“If this government were serious about reducing emissions and taking real action on climate change, it would legislate it’s policy and establish interim targets.

“Vague promises about emissions reduction 30 years into the future does not instil confidence for clean industry investment, economic transformation, and real climate mitigation — actually legislating policy does.

“Net zero emissions by 2050 is not soon enough — especially with gas facilities on the north west coast flagged to extend beyond 2070 — but at least it’s a start. Unfortunately, this irresponsible government continues to act in the best interests of its big corporate donors, not the community.

“I urge the McGowan Government to reconsider, and to heed the warnings of the scientific community. Unprecedented action needs to begin now.”