26 Feb 2019 Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Energy, Media Releases

Greens WA spokesperson for climate change and energy Tim Clifford MLC said the Transport Minister’s comments about transitioning to electric vehicles were indicative of McGowan

Government’s apathetic attitude towards combating climate change.

According to the Transport Minister EVs will reach one per cent of new car sales in WA by 2022 and 1 per cent of the WA vehicle fleet by 2025-26.

“If WA had a robust climate change policy that included targets to transition to electric vehicles, then 25 per cent of new car sales could be electric by 2025,” Mr Clifford said.

“We need the McGowan Government to actively invest in uptake of EVs by fixing the state fleet, installing infrastructure and providing incentives to ensure the State is not left behind in this electric revolution.

“It says a lot that the only tangible action the State Government has adopted is to endorse The Greens WA’s exemption of electric vehicles from the 10 per cent ‘rideshare’ tax.

“Other countries have already announced phase out dates for the sale of new internal combustion engines cars, some as early as 2025.

“We are the only state or territory without government fleet initiatives, charging infrastructure support or stamp duty, registration and tax discounts.

“If the State Government transitioned just 20 per cent of all government vehicles to EVs by 2020 it would provide an influx of affordable EVs into the second-hand market.

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