9 Sep 2017 Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Media Releases, Transport

The McGowan Government could save $83 million over the next ten years by transitioning the government’s fleet to electric vehicles, according to new figures from the Greens.

Ahead of the State Budget on Thursday, the savings are part of a suite of measures called for by WA Greens spokesperson for transport and energy Tim Clifford MLC who said the transition was also expected to reduce carbon emissions.

The Greens also call on the Government to waive registration and stamp duty fees for new electric vehicle sales, paid for by increasing luxury car taxes which would also pay for the development of charging infrastructure.

“When only three out of every 10,000 vehicles sold in Western Australia are electric vehicles, the government needs to take the lead and build the market to help make electric vehicles affordable” he said.

“It’s embarrassing that WA is the only state or territory that offers no incentives to consumers considering purchasing an electric vehicle.

“Electric vehicles are central to creating a sustainable transport future and the McGowan Government could be saving millions by providing incentives and subsidies.

“Australia’s ability to meet the Paris climate targets is looking dubious and yet in WA alone we could be reducing greenhouse gases by around 25,000 tonnes annually by transitioning our government fleet to electric.”