6 Jul 2017 Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Media Releases, Transport

The Greens have called on the McGowan Government to introduce free registration for electric vehicles after a report released today found Western Australia has the lowest electric vehicle density in the country.

WA Greens spokesperson for transport and energy, Tim Clifford, said the report, released by Climate Works Australia today highlighted how far behind Western Australia was from the rest of Australia let alone the world on electric vehicle ownership.

“It is an embarrassment that only three out of every 10,000 vehicles sold in Western Australia are electric vehicles,” he said.

“WA is the only state or territory that offers no incentives to consumers considering purchasing an EV.

“Electric vehicles are central to creating a sustainable transport future and the McGowan Government must introduce incentives to consumers to purchase them.

“Introducing a free registration scheme would increase the uptake of EVs and help to reduce WA’s reliance on polluting fossil fuels.”

The Greens released a fully costed policy that would pay for the registration of all new electric vehicle purchases paid for by an increase in luxury car tax for fossil fuel powered cars over $100,000.